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Luckily, I was going in the same direction already. You just don’t go out and pick a style off a tree one day. The tree is inside you growing naturally. Submit Out of the Blue Idiom Examples. Do you know an example of this idiom from another movie or TV show? Please send us your suggestion, and we could feature it in the next update.

"Out Of The Blue"suddenly and unexpectedly.Something that happens out of the blue is sudden and unexpected. Example: They seemed to be talking calmly when out of the blue she slapped him in the face!It is as if suddenly it started raining on a day when the sky was clear and blue..

out of the blue - Examples: 1 Ipswich came to me out of the blue and brought me back into management. 2 My car just, out of the blue, stopped running. I don't know why. 3 Out of the blue, he received a reclassification notice; his new job was cleaning latrines. 16/12/2019 · out of the blue. This page is about the idiom out of the blue. Meaning. If something happens out of the blue, you're not expecting it to happen and you're surprised when it does. For example. A letter came today, totally out of the blue, from a lawyer who said that an uncle I hadn't heard from in years had died and left me a million. 10/12/2015 · "Out of the blue" is an informal English language idiom that describes an event that occurs unexpectedly, without any warning or preparation. It is used as an adverb. The "blue" in the phrase refers to the sky, one from which a sudden plane falling is unexpected, thus it comes 'out of the blue. Starting with a really useful idiom, something that happens out of the blue is completely unexpected: Then one day, out of the blue, she announced she was leaving. Two very useful, less idiomatic, phrases with a similar meaning are all of a sudden and all at once. Both mean ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’: All of a sudden, she collapsed.

'Out of the blue' is a terse form of the expression 'out of a clear blue sky' to mean 'unexpectedly, without foreshadowing'. It is not really a figure of speech, but an idiom. 'idiom':: an established expression in a language where the meaning is not necessarily what one would anticipate from the given meaning of the individual words. Look up out of the blue in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Out of the Blue may refer to: Out of the blue idiom, a phrase describing an unexpected event.

Definition of out of a clear blue sky in the Idioms Dictionary. out of a clear blue sky phrase. What does out of a clear blue sky expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Out of the blue describes an event that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly, without warning, as if falling from the sky. The “blue” refers to the sky. Also: out of a clear blue sky. Likely related to a bolt from the blue, which alludes to a bolt o. Out of the blue. Something surprising and unexpected.

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